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Living Inner Development

The Necessity of True Inner Development in the Light of Anthroposophy

Lisa Romero

162 pp.  
5" x 8"



Published:  March 2016


“The future of such spiritual esoteric movements as ours will depend more and more upon the realization that the spiritual development of humankind is a necessity.” —Rudolf Steiner

“Even before we are called to the stages of higher development, we can prepare ourselves by understanding the way and the truth of the unfolding schooling we shall take. Recognizing the power and place of the inner exercises and meditations means we work with them in a way that they bear the fruits of genuine transformation.” —Lisa Romero

We live in a time when many are striving to develop inner faculties because they recognize the need for true spiritual development. This book offers direct insight into how the inner exercises and meditations work and their intended results on various levels. It also discusses the well-trodden path of inner development, helping us understand the experiences we encounter as we move as individual through the several stages of consciousness.

Working with this book supports clarity for those who are striving to make headway on the path and are experiencing encounters in the inner realms. It also helps us understand the efforts and experiences of others on their journey.

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