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Slugboy Saves the World

Mark A. Smith

192 pp.  
5 1/8" x 7 7/8"

Floris Books

Thanks to an unfortunately tasty-looking radioactive garden slug, eleven-year-old Murdo McLeod is now the world’s worst superhero. His two powers are pretty unique—the first is sliding up walls...quite slowly; the second is secreting slippery slime from his skin—yes, just as disgusting as it sounds!

It’s a world where superhero competition is fierce, and Slugboy is so underrated he doesn’t even make the list when an evil mastermind devises a plan to capture all the other superheroes. Now, Slugboy has to use his not-so-super, oh-so-gross abilities to free the other superheroes and save the world. Let’s hope he doesn’t slip up....

Winner of the Kelpies Prize.

(Ages 8 - 12 years)

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