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Universe of the Human Body

With Gaia Touch Body Exercises

Marko Pogacnik

258 pp.  
5 1/2" x 9"
Illustrations: Drawings & Diagrams

Lindisfarne Books


Published:  July 2016


Through the experiential science of Geomancy, knowledge has been gathered over more than three decades about the Earth’s multidimensional levels of reality and Gaia, the soul essence of our planet. Marko Pogacnik’s work as a conceptual land artist, environmental healer, and educator reveals that, although the succession of subtle changes within the human body that he has observed over the last 15 years has been supported by the ongoing systemic changes of Gaia’s planetary body, there is no doubt that if we continue to ignore Gaia, there will be no escaping the devastating effects of the ever more visible global Earth transformation process, the so-called Climate Changes.

Using his experience in exploring the landscape through geomantic work, Marko approaches the human body with a similar kind of multidimensional perception. Decoding the human body in the context of what he calls Gaia’s Earthly Cosmos, he shows us how to consciously enter our own body space to experience it from inside and to activate our potentials to prepare our body to meet the challenges of the coming changes.

As a practical guide as well as a theoretical introduction to the universe of the human body, the concepts in this book are complemented with exercises that were inspired by the elementals and other beings of many sacred places of the Earth. These Gaia Touch body exercises are a combination of imaginations and body movements in the form of body “cosmograms,” which is a universal language that can be perceived by other beings of the Earth and the cosmos. Practicing these exercises will stimulate personal development in a way that enables us to become conscious co-creators with Gaia of the new emerging reality that will touch all levels of existence on the Earth.

See below for a link to download the introduction, prologue, and chapter 1.



1. The Causal World of our Back Space and the Daylight World
2. Gaia’s Creative Hand
3. The Plant at the Core of Our Human Identity
4. We Share the Miracle of Being Alive with the Animal Kingdom
5. The Fairy Ancestors of the Human Race
6. The Human Being Manifested
7. Can Ego Be Considered as Somebody?
8. The Marvel of Matter

1. The Gaia-Centered Earthly Cosmos
2. Atomic Power — Dragon Consciousness
3. Sophia, the Divine Feminine
4. Angelic Membranes — the Cosmic Consciousness

1. Visiting the Home of the Personal Elemental Being
2. The Architecture of the Body
3. Materials Composing the House of the Body
4. The Heart System
5. The Creative Scale of the Body Organs
6. The Mystery of the Head
7. The Multidimensional Body

This book was originally published in German as Universum des Menschlichen Korpers (AT Verlag, 2015).

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