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Children and Nature

Making Connections

Edited by George K. Russell

144 pp.  
6" x 9"


Published:  October 2016


In our digital age, it's especially important that children connect with nature and their surroundings. This collection of twelve essays was assembled because of a concern that many young people today in North America have little contact with the world of nature. The authors aspire to awaken a wish to assist young people by guiding them toward what lies outside their front door, in a local park or woodland, and that actual nature experience can replace what is surely a powerful form of addiction—dependency on text messaging, e-mail, videos, and a torrent of virtual images. A challenge stands squarely before us: How can we begin to address the malaise of indifference to nature so widespread among our young people?

Children and Nature explores a connection with the natural world can be nurtured, enriched, and enhanced by parents and teachers. The book contains a wonderful mix of the personal and inspirational, as well as authoritative expertise and challenging ideas. The contributors range from university professors to journalists, teachers, healers, parents, and poets, and include well-known thinkers such as Richard Lewis, Richard Louv, and David Sobel.

This is a rich, varied, and inspiring collection that should be read by all teachers and childcare providers.

Table of Contents

  1. Making Connections: The Need and the Challenge
    by George K. Russell
  2. Leave No Child Inside: The Growing Movement to Reconnect Children and Nature
    by Richard Louv
  3. The Human Touch
    by Lowell Monke
  4. Look, Don't Touch: The problem with Environmental Education
    by David Sobel
  5. An Indian Father's Plea
    by Medicine Grizzlybear Lake
  6. Tokens of Mystery
    by Scott Russell Sanders
  7. Lessons of a Starry Night
    by Kelly McMasters
  8. Cradle
    by Pattiann Rogers
  9. Toddlers to Tweens: Relearning How to Play
    by Stephanie Hanes
  10. The Privilege of Gardening with Children
    by Carolyn Jabs
  11. Words Full of Wonder
    by James E. Higgins
  12. A Wilderness of Thought: Childhood and the poetic imagination
    by Richard Lewis

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