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Porridge the Tartan Cat and the Kittykat Kidnap

Book 3

Alan Dapré Illustrated by Yuliya Somina

6 1/4" x 7 3/4"

Floris Books


Published:  July 2017


Porridge the Tartan Cat has been cat-napped! But nobody has noticed! The twins, Isla and Ross, are too busy trying to help their super-scientist mum who has accidentally shrunk herself with some super-short shortbread.

Will the twins be able to unshrink Mini Mum? Can they rescue Porridge from a pet shop infested with crocodiles, dung beetles, and his arch-enemy Moggiarty?

When Porridge was a wee kitten he toppled into a tin of tartan paint—which is easy to do and not so easy to say.

Now he lives by Loch Loch with the quirky McFun family—Gadget Grandad, Groovy Gran, Dino Dad, Mini-Mum and the twins, Roaring Ross, and Invisible Isla. Everyone has a super secret (or two), and Porridge is always there to lend a helping paw when things go awry. If there's a fishy biscuit in it for him . . .

And things do often go awry in the McFun family. It's a good job Porridge has nine lives!

(Ages 6 - 9 years)

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