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Colors of the Soul

Physiological and Spiritual Qualities of Light and Dark

Dennis Klocek

290 pp.  
6" x 9"
Illustrations: 48 in color

Lindisfarne Books


Published:  September 2017


The subject of color is a very important aspect of life and healing, especially healing what we could call the split in the world created by ordinary dualistic human perception. Rudolf Steiner speaks about this split in various different ways with a kind of “hidden” language, making it sometimes difficult to understand the fundamental idea. In this book, Dennis Klocek presents a kind of meditation on many different aspects of color and how we can work with the alchemical principles of Jachin and Boaz—the two pillars of Solomon’s Temple, representing the red and blue in the blood—to understand the Rosicrucian path in terms of color and healing.

Using many examples from natural- and spiritual-scientific research into color and the rise of various color theories through history, Klocek zeros in on the real essence of colors and how they relate to us as human beings in our physical body and soul. From Newton to Rudolf Steiner, as well as several centuries of artistic development of color and pigments, we learn to perceive in new ways that can both heal and help us work and play with color in new ways. The author also connects what we learn about color to healing with artistic therapies, homeopathy, and flower essences.

Colors of the Soul is illustrated in color, featuring numerous helpful diagrams and examples of art from the Middle Ages to the twentieth century. Like the author’s books on physiology, climate, and agriculture, this book brings knowledge and surprising insights to the nature of color, a topic that is integral to our everyday life and development.


  1. Physiological and Spiritual Qualities of Color
  2. The Nature of Color
  3. Color Use in Paintings
  4. Primaries
  5. Turbid Medium
  6. Glory Sun
  7. Colored Shadow
  8. Color Intensification
  9. The Grotto
  10. Dinshah Color Therapy
  11. Circle of Color
  12. Indigo
  13. Turquoise
  14. Carmine
  15. Purple
  16. Vermilion and Cobalt
  17. Flower Essences
  18. Conclusion