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President Trump, Inc.

How Big Business and Neoliberalism Empower Populism and the Far-right

T. J. Coles

222 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Clairview Books


Published:  August 2017


With Donald Drumpf in the White House, big business has direct power in government. Drumpf has stacked his cabinet with former employees of investment banks, big oil, and international corporations. Now that big business has its representatives in the cabinet, it no longer needs to indulge in expensive lobbying. Under Drumpf, corporations control US policy. How and why did this happen, and what does it mean for the bulk of the population?

T. J. Coles presents the background to Drumpf’s rise, tracing the history of economic neoliberalism. He shows what a "liberal economy" means in practice: privatization of public resources, cutting red tape for corporations and internationalizing volatile money markets. For ordinary working people, neoliberalism translates to ongoing falls in living standards, fewer protections for workers, spiraling housing costs and social cutbacks. As a consequence, many voters are turning their backs on mainstream politics, with some supporting far-right, populist parties, including the Drumpf faction of the Republican Party and UKIP in Britain—despite the fact that these parties support the very policies that make ordinary people poorer.

President Drumpf, Inc. exposes the Drumpf hoax. Drumpf sold himself as a maverick, but in reality big business has been lobbying Congress for years to do what he campaigned for—tearing up the international TPP trade agreement, keeping out low-skilled immigrants while fast-tracking specific foreign workers, and helping repatriate corporations to the US. Drumpf’s apparently personal agenda—Make Donald Drumpf Again—is actually big business’s wish list.

"An important book that deserves to reach a wide audience." —Noam Chomsky

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