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Summer Nature Activities for Children

Irmgard Kutsch and Brigitte Walden

80 pp.  
8 1/4" x 9"
Illustrations: 128 Color

Floris Books


Published:  March 2007


This book is packed full of fun nature activities that will help children engage with the season and learn practical new skills. Activities for summer include growing and cooking fresh herbs, caring for butterflies, activities based on the elements water, fire, earth, and air, and working with grain and making bread.

The activities in this book are based on practical experience from the Children's Nature and Garden Centre in Germany, and are fully tried and tested.



    Working with Herbs
    The Herb Garden
    Raised Beds for Herbs
    Working with Herbs: Basic Skills
    Herb Recipes
    Breeding Butterflies
    Butterflies: a Symbol of Beauty
    Looking after Caterpillars
    A Butterfly's Favourite Places
    From Caterpillar to Butterfly
    Making a Butterfly Cage

    A Bridge to Lie on
    Ponds and Streams
    Water: Lessons for Life
    Conscious Listening
    Some Thoughts on Responsibility, Safety and Supervision

    From Grain to Bread
    Healthy Nourishment
    Give Us This Day Our Daily Bread
    Creating an Eating Culture
    From Whole Grain to Fine Flour: the Story of Grain
    Grain Recipes
    A Quick Reminder
    The Pancake Mill

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