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The Art of Colour and the Human Form

Seven Motif Sketches of Rudolf Steiner: Studies by Gerard Wagner

Edited by Peter Stebbing Foreword by Peter Selg Author and Illustrator Rudolf Steiner and Gerard Wagner

218 pp.  
8 1/2" x 11"
Illustrations: 163



Published:  March 2018


  • “The human being is the most exalted, indeed the true subject of visual art.” —J. W. Goethe, Propylaea

    “When we speak of the visual arts, then it is above all a matter of understanding the human form. After all, this is what everything in the visual arts aspires to and takes as its starting point.” —Rudolf Steiner, The Hague, April 9, 1922 (CW 82)

    “The actual underlying problem in painting in our time can be designated as ‘depicting the spirit form of the human being out of the color.’” —Maria Strakosch-Giesler, Die erlöste Sphinx, 1955

Based on Rudolf Steiner’s indications, Gerard Wagner shows a wholly new approach to the human form in art. The Art of Colour and the Human Form presents the seven motif sketches concerned with the “spirit form of the human being,” as well as numerous studies that Gerard Wagner painted over a period of thirty years. The intention of this volume is to present an artistic approach to these unique motifs and to indicate their potential “color build-up.”

The Art of Colour and the Human Form contributes to a more comprehensive understanding of this new direction in art.


  • Foreword by Peter Selg
  • Introduction
  • “The Renewal of Art through Anthroposophy” by Rudolf Steiner
  • “The Human Form in Art” by Peter Stebbing
    • Egyptian Wall Paintings in Thebes
    • Archaic and Classical Greek Sculpture
    • On Raphael
    • The Incarnadine of the Human Being
    • Transcendental Figures in Early 19th Century Art
    • The Human Being in the Supersensible
  • Group Souls—The Human Being
  • Light and Darkness (Lucifer and Ahriman)
  • The Seer between Marianus and Gabrilein
  • Let there Be Distance and Life
  • The Threefold Human Being
  • The Human Being in the Spirit
  • The Spirit in the Human Being
  • Addendum
    • A New Approach to the Human Form in Art
    • Rudolf Steiner’s Colour Circle
    • “Painting as a Two-Dimensional Art” by Gerard Wagner
    • A Note on the Art of Light-and-Dark
  • Afterword
  • About the Painter Gerard Wagner
  • On the Lifework of Henni Geck

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