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Through the Rainbow

A Waldorf Birthday Story for Children

Retold by Lou Harvey-Zahra Illustrated by Sara Parrilli

32 pp.  
11" x 10 1/4"
Illustrations: Color Illustrations

Floris Books


Published:  September 2018


Children’s birthdays are a time of reflection to look back over the previous year and remember the day that child arrived in the world. A Waldorf tradition is to tell the birthday story—the tale of a little soul who crossed the rainbow bridge, came to Earth, found a loving family, and became the birthday boy or girl.

The birthday story has been told for generations and holds a unique place in the hearts and memories of thousands of families. Through the Rainbow is a faithful and inspiring retelling of the best-known version of the story by parenting coach and Waldorf parent Lou Harvey-Zahra. It is accompanied by soft, ethereal illustrations by Waldorf artist and teacher Sara Parrilli.

This beautiful picture book can become part of a family’s traditions, read each year to celebrate your child’s special day. Through the Rainbow can also be personalized and made unique for each birthday child.

(Ages 4 to 10 years)

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