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Toward Freedom in Singing

Dina Soresi Winter and Theodora Richards

44 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"




“Singing is a noble art. Nowadays, we are often reminded that it can hold the mirror up to nature. Many songs reflect the psychological pain and dissonance of our age, and many voices are trapped by materialism. However, singing can also express a special kind of freedom from physical bondage. Then it becomes a joyous, light-filled art form expressive of Humanity as it moves toward freedom.” (from the Introduction)

  • Contents:

  1. “Spiritual Aspects of Singing” by Dina Soresi Winter
  2. “The Singer as Instrument” by Theodora Richards
  3. “Toward Freedom and Joy in Singing” by Dina Soresi Winter
  • Breathing, Coordination, Tone
  • A Journey
  • Fear of Singing
  • Singing off Pitch
  • Rudolf Steiner and Singing
  • Singing with Children
  • Is Singing for Everyone?

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