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Children's Rhymes from Germany, France, Holland, and Sweden

Julius Knierim

48 pp.  
11" x 8 1/2"




Introduction to the Mood of the Fifth for Adults Who Wish to Sing, Play, and Dance with Children before Their Ninth Year

This book, on the mood of the fifth, is intended for adults who have become aware of the damage done to children by an occasionally overwhelming technological and dehumanized environment and who are searching for ways to heal this damage.

The novel approach outlined by musicologist Julius Knierim in this book is based on subtle observations of children's singing, especially their movements. What healthy children reveal of hidden “music” through their movements, along with what they sing, can lead adults who have remained inwardly flexible and “mobile” to an understanding of how young children experience music. Such understanding can pave the way through the various experiences of singing and listening to music, from the “calling third” (little children's first musical interval tends to be a minor third) to contemporary music.

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