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Weaving Life's Journey

Betty Staley

320 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"




Tapestries uncovers the unique patterns we weave throughout life. At a time of immense interest in biography, Betty Staley presents a unique set of keys for understanding the pattern and rhythms of one's human life. The unfolding phases of life are presented as the "warp" of personal growth. We are invited to consider the "shuttle" of the threads we use as the "weft" of our life story. Those threads include our individual temperament, gender, love, family, ethnicity, birth order, and developing relationships.

Betty Staley presents a vivid picture of adult growth. We follow twelve very different people and their stories as they go through each phase of life and wonder what will happen next. We consider how we might respond to the choices we face. Life's dilemmas are explored, including career versus parenting and choices related to old age. This opens up options—which roads might we take in life and being encouraged to reflect.

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