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Psyche at Work

Workplace Applications of Jungian Analytical Psychology

Edited by Murray Stein

248 pp.  

Chiron Publications




The organization we work for has a psyche of its own, a "collective personality" and an organizational imagination, which goes to work on us, for better or for worse. In this volume, the work of analytical psychologists, organizational development consultants, and group relations theorists reflect on the contemporary enigma presiding over an organization's unconscious.

How does the corporate world, heavily invested in patriarchal values, confront these changing times, in which other values are challenging long-held assumptions about power and structure? How can organizations acknowledge their unconscious and do something about it? What are their creative sources? What are the possibilities for transformation in the structures of traditional organizations, and how will such changes affect labor and management?

The essays in this volume suggest that the theories and insights elaborated originally within the context of Jungian analysis and practice can address these kinds of questions in fruitful and creative ways.

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