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Her Father's Daughter

When Women Succeed in a Man's World

Mary Loomis

104 pp.  

Chiron Publications




Mary Loomis uncovers the inner price daughters pay in over-relating to their fathers and, in their attempts to live up to masculine expectations and definitions of success. She shows women how to break such ties and take charge of their own destinies.

Mary E. Loomis writes:
"[The father's daughter] holds the father's values believing they are her own and adheres to them unquestioningly. The daughter lives her life pleasing her father and being affirmed by him in what she does. She struggles to be what he wishes her to be."

"For father's daughters the moment of possible change arrives when they realize that their positive father complex has turned negative. They recognize that they are out of balance.... For the contemporary woman who is a father's daughter, her mantle of accomplishments, adorned with the fruits of the active, masculine energy (awards, degrees, achievements) hides and protects an inner world where masculine energy in the service of her true Self is diminished and dwarfed."

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