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Fate, Love, and Ecstasy

Wisdom from the Lesser-Known Goddesses of the Greeks

John A. Sanford

120 pp.  
6" x 9"

Chiron Publications




Whether you are reading Greek mythology for psychological insights or studying the classics in college, there are a number of goddesses who have been almost entirely overlooked. They are John Sanford calls the lesser-known goddesses. However, there is nothing lesser about them. They personify the deeper elements that exist across all life, nature, and spiritual reality. Our current culture often neglects their qualities but would be wise to increase its understanding of them.

Many Greek gods and goddesses have given modern psychologists powerful portraits of various personality types. In this book, however, analyst John Sanford turns his attention to the lesser-known goddesses: Ananke (goddess of necessity), Peitho (goddess of persuasion), the Fates, the Furites, Ate (goddess of folly), Aidos (goddess of modesty), and the Three Charites (beauty, good cheer, and abundance).

Sanford draws from various stories, plays, and poems to illustrate the goddesses’ source of spiritual meaning and their role as the personification of the energies that truly run our souls.

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