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The Interactive Field in Analysis

Chiron Clinical Series

Edited by Murray Stein

170 pp.  
6" x 9"

Chiron Publications




The idea of a field in analysis is borrowed from physics. A field is a pattern of energy flow that affects objects in its domain. In a psychic field, psychodynamic forces are at work at an unconscious level, producing states of consciousness in both analyst and analysand.

The interactive field in analysis may be thought of as an uninvited guest in the session. The personality of this third element is very subtle and can be very powerful. Presenting contemporary views on interpretation and the interactive field, these essays from leaders in the world of analytical psychology provide theory and examples of how to encounter and make use of this field. This is the most recent volume in the Chiron Clinical Series.


Nathan Schwartz-Salant
"On the Interactive Field as the Analytic Object"

Verena Kast
"A Concept of Participation"

Luigi Zoja
Response to Verena Kast's "Concept of Participation"

Murray Steine
"The Field of Sleep"

Mary Lynn Kittelson
"The Acoustic Vessel"

Pamela Donleavy
"Analysis and Erotic Energies"

Steven M. Rosen
"Pouring Old Wine into a New Bottle"

Judith Hubback
"Visiting the Monastery--Then You Must See the Horses"

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