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Methods in Analytical Psychology

An Introduction

Hans Dieckmann

240 pp.  

Chiron Publications




Designed for both the beginner and the experienced clinician, this book serves as a reference for the basic methodological problems encountered in the practice of Jungian psychology. It covers areas such as initial interviews, scheduling of sessions and fees, methods of working with various age groups, and dream interpretation.

  • The Problem of Method and Technique in Analytical Psychology
  • The Initial Interview
  • Frequency of Sessions
  • Couch versus Chair
  • Fee and Methods of Payment
  • Tne Analytic Ritual
  • Methods of Working with Various Age Groups
  • On the Methodology of Dream Interpretation
  • The Method of Association and Amplification
  • Analytic Distance
  • Transference and Countertransference
  • Problems of Interpretation in the Analytic Process
  • Active Imagination
  • Psychological Types in the Methodology of Analysis

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