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Sun and Cross

From Megalithic Culture to Early Christianity in Ireland

Richard H. K. Vietor

224 pp.  
7 1/2" x 9 1/2"
Illustrations: 100 +

Floris Books

This full-color gift edition presents an inspiring and fascinating work of Celtic spirituality.

Beginning with the ancient sun-oriented monuments of the megalithic age, Jakob Streit traces an unbroken spiritual culture in Ireland from the time of its stone circles and dolmens through the Celtic era and into the period of the early Christian stone crosses. He describes the amazing missionary zeal of monks such as Columba, who established Celtic Christianity throughout Europe during the Dark Ages, until it was suppressed by the Church of Rome during the eighth century.

Fully illustrated in color, this is a book to give and cherish.

  • “The republication of this book has been long-awaited. It includes a wonderful selection of photographs, illustrations, poetry and quotations. It is an essential sourcebook for anybody interested in Celtic spirituality and Celtic history.” —Dara Molloy, Aisling Magazine, 2004

    “A beautifully produced and highly informative book about the development and flowering of early Christianity in Ireland. A fascinating section on sun spirals explains their relationship to the cycle of the year and to incarnation and excarnation. An authoritative account conveying the spirit of the tradition.” —Scientific & Medical Network Review, summer 2004

    “There are lots of picture and diagrams of Ireland's fantastic ancient monuments and stone crosses. Engrossing.” —Julie Chamberlain, Coventry Evening Telegraph, June 5, 2004

    “Streit makes a good case for there being Irish Christians before St Patrick. This is a handsome book with plenty of photographs...and the tragic story of the rise and fall of the Irish Church makes compelling reading.” —Northern Earth, Dec. 2005

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