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Allan Kaplan


Allan Kaplan works in the sphere of social renewal as a facilitator, teacher and writer. He focuses primarily on developing Goethe’s organic, holistic approach to pedagogy for social sensibility.  His work attempts to realize the full consequences of true participation. He works internationally through The Proteus Initiative, established as a vehicle for developing the Goethean approach to fully fledged social art. He is a cofounder of a mountain refuge, Towerland Wilderness in South Africa, which provides space for contemplation and life through communion with nature. Allan Kaplan is the author of The Development Practitioner’s Handbook (1996) and Development Practitioners and Social Process: Artists of the Invisible (2002) and coauthor with Sue Davidoff of A Delicate Activism: A Phenomenological Approach to Change (2014). He lives on the mountain with his partner Sue Davidoff.

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