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Rudolf Steiner and Initiation

December 1990
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  • Published
    1st December 1990
  • ISBN 9780910142960
  • Language English
  • Pages 144 pp.
  • Size 4.5" x 7.5"

Schiller systematically characterizes the anthroposophic path of inner spiritual training, drawing on Rudolf Steiner's writings and lectures over an extended period of time.

Among the topics discussed are: the fundamental moods; development of the six attributes; sense-free thinking, feeling, and willing; meditation; and crossing the threshold.This is a helpful, compact overview of Steiner's path of inner development.

Paul-Eugen Schiller

Paul-Eugen Schiller (1900-1992) was an anthroposophist and a physicist who worked during the 1920s as an assistant at the research laboratory in Stuttgart on tasks set by Rudolf Steiner. Later, he moved to the Goetheanum, where he established a simple physics laboratory and devoted his life to developing Steiner's indications related to electricity, earthly magnetism, heat radiation, sensitive flames, etheric formative forces, the four ethers, resonant oscillation, and much more. His written works include Rudolf Steiner and Initiation and The Schiller File.