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Teaching Children Handwriting

Historical, Developmental, and Practical Aspects of Writing

August 2018
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  • Publisher
    Rudolf Steiner College
  • Published
    24th August 2018
  • ISBN 9780945803553
  • Pages 148 pp.
  • Size 5.5" x 8.5"

Teaching Children Handwriting is not just another book about teaching block printing and cursive script. It is a reference for the whole language-arts curriculum in the first three grades and beyond. It begins with the young child's orientation in space and presents written language in the context of the development of human consciousness.

Offering practical suggestions for activities, posture, choice of writing instruments, and much more, Audrey McAllen also provides helpful insights into learning difficulties that can be observed through a child's writing and offers guidance and encouragement.

Teaching Children Handwriting is a treasure and invaluable resource for teachers, homeschooling parents, and all who love the written word.

Audrey E. McAllen

Audrey McAllen is an English Waldorf teacher who has spent a lifetime developing ways to help children who have learning difficulties. She based her work on study of Rudolf Steiner's indications regarding spiritual aspects of human development and on her observation of and practical work with many children.