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Adam Curle

Radical Peacemaker

January 2017
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  • Publisher
    Hawthorn Press
  • Published
    20th January 2017
  • ISBN 9781907359798
  • Language English
  • Pages 264 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9.25"

Adam Curle’s pioneering work as the founding Professor of Peace Studies at Bradford University has been significantly more important to the peace-studies field than is generally understood. Although his ideas were far ahead of his time, they have not been adequately taught and understood—in part because of the dominance of “realistic” approaches to political science and partly because his writings have not been readily available.

This book captures Professor Curle’s core contributions in an accessible, edited form so that the breadth of his work can become more available to new students and the next generation of world leaders. A unique feature of Adam Curle’s work is his stimulating focus on the inner spiritual and outer dimensions of peace making.

Tom Woodhouse

Tom Woodhouse was appointed as research assistant to the founder, Professor Adam Curle, in 1974 and held the Adam Curle Chair in Conflict Resolution at the University of Bradford from 1999 until 2012. He retired from his post in October 2012 and is currently a professor emeritus at the University of Bradford. He is also a visiting professor at the University Ramon Llul, Barcelona, the Open University of Catalunya, Barcelona, and at Chulalongkorn University, Bangkok. His book Contemporary Conflict Resolution (written with Oliver Ramsbotham and Hugh Miall) was published as a 4th edition in 2016. 

John Paul Lederach

John Paul Lederach, Professor of International Peace building at the University of Notre Dame and currently Senior Advisor for the Humanity United Foundation, works as a practitioner and scholar, providing education, facilitation, and training. He established the Eastern Mennonite University's Center for Justice and Peace building and has written more than 24 books.