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The SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Center

About the Center

The SteinerBooks Spiritual Research Center is dedicated to the online publication of the complete works of Rudolf Steiner in English, as well as select associated resources for the student of Anthroposophy and the Western esoteric tradition.

As resources become available, they are linked in the Archive section of this website.

We envisage the following components:

A. Steiner's Works:

1. The foundational works of Rudolf Steiner online;

2. English translations of Steiner's lectures online. For easy reference, we will organize these organized chronologically by date and place and GA number (i.e. where they are to be found in the Collected Works). Those that exist in book form will also be identified;

3. A bibliography of Steiner's works in English online;

4. For reference, the list of GAs in German online

B. Anthroposophical Resources:

1. An ongoing bibliography of secondary literature;

2. A library of sources & resources in these areas: biodynamics; spiritual science; philosophy; Christology and religion; Camphill; history; star wisdom; social thought; Waldorf education; eurythmy; various therapies; and Anthroposophical medicine.

3. An online library of resources for the study of the history of Anthroposophy, including articles and biographies

4. A library of articles of Interest to those Interested in Anthroposophy (drawn from many sources, such as theosophical history, Anthroposophical Quarterly, Journal for Anthroposophy, etc.)

C. Eventually, an Anthroposophical library of articles and texts relating to the Western esoteric traditions (the forerunners of Anthroposophy): Zoroaster, Egyptian Mysteries, Greek Mysteries, Gnosticism, Manicheanisn, Christian Mysticism, the Cathars, Hermetism, and Alchemy, Rosicrucian texts and articles, Masonry, the German mystical and philosophical tradition, spiritism, and theosophy.