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Education for Adolescents

(CW 302)

Rudolf Steiner Translated by Carl Hoffman Introduction by Hans-Joachim Mattke

160 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"



Published:  July 1996


8 lectures, Stuttgart, June 12-19, 1921 (CW 302)

In these eight talks on education for adolescent-aged young people, Steiner addressed the teachers of the first Waldorf school two years after it was first opened. A high school was needed, and Steiner wanted to provide a foundation for study and a guide for teachers already familiar with his approach to the human being, child development, and education based on spiritual science.

Steiner’s education affirms the being of every child within the world of spirit. This approach works within the context of the child’s gradual entry into earthly life, aided by spiritual forces, and children’s need for an education that cooperates with those forces.

Some of Steiner’s remarks may be controversial, but unbiased study will lead to an appreciation of the profound thought and wisdom behind what is presented here.


German source: Menschenerkenntnis und Unterrichtsgestaltung (GA 302).

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