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2nd June Events

Summer Residency in Wilton, NH

July 7–12, 2024

Emergency Pedagogy:
Traumatology and Spirituality 

with Bernd Ruf, author 
Educating Traumatized Children: Waldorf Education in Crisis Intervention


1st June News

Our 25 most popular books during the past month . . .

3rd April 2023 News

SteinerBooks has long made ebook editions available via distributors, but you can now access them directly. More titles are being added to the list regularly, including digital editions for titles that are out of print.

10th March 2023 News

An excerpt from

Raising Sound Sleepers: Helping Children Use their Senses to Rest and Self-soothe

"The Stutter-Step: How a Step Backward Can Become a Step Forward"