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2016-2017 SteinerBooks Holiday Catalog


32 pp.  
8 3/8" x 10 7/8"
Illustrations: In color





Our annual holiday catalog is available to order online. Simply add it to the shopping cart and it will be included in your order at no extra charge for the catalog or shipping.

SteinerBooks' 2016-2017 Holiday Catalog includes new and featured books, as well as excerpts from several new books, including:

  • “The Meditative Path of the Michael School Today” by T. H. Meyer (excerpt)
    from The First Class Lessons and Mantras, by Rudolf Steiner
  • “Shi Ding Highway Project 2000” (Taiwan) by Nicolas Bertoux
    from Metamorphosis: Journeys through Transformation of Form, edited by Gertraud Goodwin
  • “Approaching the Images, or the Myster y of Seeing”
    from Healing Madonnas by Christopher Bamford
  • “Inflammation, Sclerosis, and the Human ‘I’” (excerpt)
    from Esoteric Physiology: Consciousness and Disease, by Dennis Klocek
  • “The Mission of Raphael in the Light of Spiritual Science” (excerpt), by Rudolf Steiner
    from Raphael’s Madonnas
  • “Sappho and the ‘Lyric Nine,’ an Aesthetic for Lyric Translation” (excerpt)
    from The Lesbian Lyre, by Jeffrey M. Duban

You can download this catalog in digital form now by clicking HERE (PDF 8 MB).

We hope you enjoy our catalogs.

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