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Parenting in the Here and Now

Realizing the Strengths You Already Have

Lea Page

288 pp.  
6 1/8" x 9 1/4"

Floris Books


Published:  June 2015


Being a good parent doesn't mean being perfect, employing complex theories, or finding another twelve hours in the day. Parenting in the Here and Now offers a refreshing new way. Rather than striving for—and failing to reach—a frustrating ideal, parents can start from where they are right now and enjoy a more harmonious family life almost immediately.

Lea Page shows how to recognize emotions that get in the way and how to remain calm instead of being overwhelmed. Her practical parenting philosophy—based on many years of personal experience, observation, and reflection—encourages parents to respond to children with action rather than words.

Parenting in the Here and Now is filled with examples of how to manage parental challenges in the moment, from tantrums and whining to lying and disrespect. Parents will appreciate the new confidence and calm authority this book—a true companion—gives them.

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