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Rudolf Steiner was an Austrian social reformer, architect, and esotericist who founded Anthroposophy. He is considered the father of Waldorf education, biodynamic agriculture, anthroposophical medicine, and spiritual science. SteinerBooks publishes the complete Collected Works of Rudolf Steiner, as well as the work of contemporary authors expanding upon his thinking.

We are proud to be working with the Biodynamic Farming and Gardening Association! You can find all of our biodynamic books here.

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The Redemption of the Animals

Their Evolution, Their Inner Life, and Our Future Together

Beyond the Blood

A Celebration of Judaism, Islam, and Christianity

The Impulse of Freedom in Islam


Islam in Relation to the Christ Impulse

A Search for Reconciliation between Christianity and Islam

Reimagining Academic Studies

Science · Philosophy · Theology · Education · Social Science · Theory of Language (CW 81)
Introduction by Christopher Bamford

Stella Natura 2016

Working with Cosmic Rhythms: Biodynamic Planting Calendar

Apocalypse, the Transformation of Earth

An Esoteric Mineralogy
Translated by Joseph Bailey

Communicating Anthroposophy

The Course for Speakers to Promote the Idea of Threefolding (CW 338)
Translated by Rory Bradley
Introduction by Christopher Bamford

The Counselor . . . as if Soul and Spirit Matter

Inspirations from Anthroposophy

Dying Earth and Living Cosmos

The Living Gifts of Anthroposophy – The Need for New Forms of Consciousness (CW 181)
Translated by Matthew Barton

The Early History of Eurythmy

(CW 277c)
Introduction by Frederick Amrine

The Esoteric Nature of the Anthroposophical Society

Translated by Pauline Wehrle

A Path of Encounter

Meditation, Practice, and the Art of Sensing

A Practical Manual of Meditation

Translated by Eric Bisbocci

A Psychology of Human Dignity

Translated by Ed O’Sullivan
Foreword by William Bento

Rudolf Steiner, Life and Work

1900–1914: Spiritual Science and Spiritual Community (Vol. 3)
Translated by Margot Saar

Stargazers' Almanac 2016

A Monthly Guide to the Stars and Planets

True Knowledge of the Christ

Theosophy and Rosicrucianism – The Gospel of John (CW 100)
Translated by Anna Meuss

2015 SteinerBooks Catalog of Biodynamic Farming and Gardening

Visionary ideas & practical applications for a healthier body, soul, and earth

2015 Steiner and Spirit Catalog

Writings on Spiritual Science and practical applications of Anthroposophy

2015/2016 SteinerBooks Education Resource Catalog

Books for Parents, Teachers, and Children

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The North American Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar 2016

Here are some of our most popular books last month. They include both new and favorite seasonal books and calendars, as well as perennial bestsellers and favorites.

  1. The North American Maria Thun Biodynamic Calendar 2016
  2. How to Know Higher Worlds: A Modern Path of Initiation
  3. Heaven on Earth: A Handbook for Parents of Young Children
  4. Intuitive Thinking as a Spiritual Path: A Philosophy of Freedom
  5. Autumn: A Boardbook
  6. Anthroposophy in Everyday Life
  7. Bees
  8. The Yule Tomte and the Little Rabbits: A Christmas Story for Advent
  9. The Education of the Child: And Early Lectures on Education
  10. Cinderella: A Grimm's Fairy Tale
  11. The Wise Enchanter: A Journey through the Alphabet
  12. The Calendar of the Soul
  13. Around the Year: Mini Edition
  14. Theosophy: An Introduction to the Spiritual Processes in Human Life and in the Cosmos
  15. The Early History of Eurythmy
  16. What Is Biodynamics?

CATALOG 2015-2016


Our newest catalog for teachers and parents is now available for download. It contains our newest and favorite books for parents, Waldorf teachers, and children, plus excerpts and special articles. Click here to download the catalog (PDF, 7 MB).



Visit our Spiritual Research Center, which is presently primarily an archive of anthroposophic works that can be downloaded at no cost. The main features are our own modern translations of Rudolf Steiner's foundational ("basic") works and "Foundations of Waldorf Education." We will gradually add further works over the coming months and years.

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Douglas Sloan will talk on The Redemption of the Animals    


The Redemption of the Animals

SteinerBooks and Lindisfarne Books announce the launch of a new book, The Redemption of the Animals. The author, Douglas Sloan, will give a talk and sign books on November 1, 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. in the Music Room at the Hawthorn Valley School in Harlemville, New York.

"Inner (Spiritual) Resistance"
A Seminar at Auschwitz


Save these dates:
February 11–14, 2016

Peter Selg, author of From Gurs to Auschwitz and Krzysztof Antonczyk, a caretaker at the Auschwitz-Birkenau State Museum, will be our main speakers again at our second seminar at Auschwitz. Our first effort there was well received and demand has grown for a second seminar to explore the subject of "Inner (Spiritual) Resistance."

As long as you feel pain
that I do not feel
Christ remains unrecognized
in cosmic being;
for weak is the spirit
that can feel suffering
only in its own body.

(Rudolf Steiner, 1914)

Engaging the Heart


March 18–19, 2016
Kimmel Center
New York University
60 Washington Square South
New York City

We will soon announce the speakers and program for our next seminar. Watch this space for further information!

SteinerBooks Seminar April 2016: Ephesus, Turkey    


Seminar and Tour
More information will be available soon. Sign up on the left side of this page to receive our email newsletter. We plan to include Peter Selg (Rudolf Steiner, Life and Work) and Andrei Younis (Islam in Relation to the Christ Impulse) as our seminar speakers.

The date above is approximate. The actual date will be announced soon.