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Shayne Jackman

Shayne Jackman is a Sydney-based photographer, specializing in children and families. She grew up in Japan and Singapore before moving back to Australia for university. She has a degree in History and is now a postgraduate student studying psychology.

The book Old Freedom Train was conceived when Australian artist Shayne Jackman was searching for a Steiner/Waldorf alphabet frieze for her children's playroom, and couldn't find she decided to make one herself. She found that using colorful pencils in soft shades to draw sweet images was soothing to the soul, energizing, and satisfying, so she decided to make a book. Adding special words from her experience as a mother of children in a Steiner playgroup and preschool seemed the perfect fit. Thus, Old Freedom Train: A Waldorf Inspired Alphabet Book and "Old Freedom Train - Steiner Inspired Alphabet Frieze" were born.

Shayne Jackman lives in Sydney, Australia, with two cats, a dog and her two cherished children. She loves to draw, take photographs, travel, read and walk in the sunshine. She believes that the best learning comes when both heart and head are engaged.

Books by Shayne Jackman :

Old Freedom Train

A Waldorf Inspired Alphabet