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The Secrets of Space and Time

Massimo Scaligero Translated by Eric L. Bisbocci

100 pp.  
5" x 8"

Lindisfarne Books




Who can penetrate space or encounter the stream of time? Only those who are not fooled into believing that freedom from sensory conditions is attainable by moving beyond a space and a time considered real because of their measurability. The reality of time and space is immeasurable. It cannot be attained by overcoming the given forms of measurement, but rather by overcoming measurement itself. Before this can occur, we must know how and why measurement arises; we must know what the spirit wants by containing within measurement the substance of its eternal telling of tales, whose truth alone justifies measurement—the transitory vision of what space and time are in their most subtle forms.

This masterly book by Massimo Scaligero—author of The Light (La Luce): An Introduction to Creative Imagination—teaches us how to enter and recognize the spiritual reality behind and within what we objectify as space and time. Those who read The Secrets of Space and Time with meditative effort will be well rewarded with profound insights about the true nature of the world around us.

The book is a translation from Italian of Segreti dello spazio e del tempo (Libreria Tilopa, Rome, 1963).

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