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Love, Love, Love

Spiritual Teachings

Stephen Turoff

156 pp.  
6" x 9 1/4"

Clairview Books


Published:  July 2019


How can we become aware of pure unconditional love?

With simple yet shattering words, Stephen Turoff seeks to awake us to knowledge that already resides deeply within our hearts—that God is love and love is God. Love is the power that creates the universe and permeates all creation. Once we realize this we are led to recognize our true human nature.

Stephen’s astonishing message—transcribed here from a course of six seminars—can rouse us to reassess our lives and how we think and act. We are perfect beings who have forgotten our divine nature. Our true self wants to awake to the divine presence within us. With guidance, we can teach ourselves to listen to our heart’s voice to know and experience truth.

Stephen leads us to a deeper understanding of our connection with God and the purpose of our lives on Earth. The knowledge he shares is based on profound life experience and a singular understanding of God and universal laws.

  • “Stephen Turoff is a psychic surgeon with a worldwide following and a history of ‘miraculous’ healings as long as an NHS waiting list...even some mainstream doctors reluctantly acknowledge the evidence of his success.” —More to Life magazine

    “Stephen Turoff has been a spiritual healer for over forty years. During that time he has achieved near-legendary status in his field, attracting the attention of both international media and a string of distinguished clients. He has also been the subject of numerous television program.” —Psychic News

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