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From Christianity to Christ

Christianity as the Essence of Humanity
in Rudolf Steiner's Science of the Spirit

Pietro Archiati

128 pp.  

Temple Lodge Press


Published:  May 1997


What we traditionally think of as Christianity is only its cultural form, adopted and developed over the last two thousand years.

This represents chiefly human thoughts and dogmas, human institutions, churches, and beliefs: in other words all that human beings have developed as their response to the Christ event. Rudolf Steiner said of Christianity that it “started as a religion but greater than all religions.” Taking this as his basis, the author reaches beyond earthly traditions and cultural expressions of Christianity to its true spiritual essence.

His survey takes us from the history of actual “all-too-human” Christianity to the history of actual “Christian” Christianity and its future development through a new scientific approach to the spirit. Archiati’s warmth of expression and clarity of thought bring to life ideas and concepts that for so long have been the reserve of dry theology.

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