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What Is Man? (Psalm 8:4) — Rudolf Steiner, Anthroposophy, and the Holy Scriptures: An Anthroposophical Commentary on the Bible

Edward Reaugh Smith

560 pp.  
6" x 9"



Published:  November 2001


If, ultimately, there is only one reality, then neither religion nor science can be fulfilled until they come together on a higher plane. In this second volume of his authoritative, anthroposophical commentary on the Bible, Edward Reaugh Smith shows that there is no difference between true science and the divine intelligence sought by true religion. The model for such a union of science and religion is the spiritual science developed by Rudolf Steiner. In this union, what the senses show us about the physical world—when keenly observed and allowed to speak for itself instead of being abstracted into theories—become images of the spiritual world: “As above, so below.”

Drawing on his extensive knowledge of the Bible, the author shows us that anthroposophy provides unique insights into the biblical account.


Included are essays on:
  • Evolution
  • Creation and Apocalypse
  • The Four Elements
  • As Above, So Below
  • Fire (where Earth and Heaven meet)
  • Light (the first form of corporeality from which all else follows)
  • Blood (the meeting point of inner and outer worlds)
  • What Is Man (how beings of the higher worlds work in forming the earthly vehicle for the human being)
  • Plus Numerous Charts & Tables, an extensive bibliography, and an index of scriptures cited.
This is an important resource for anyone who wants to dig into the deepest meanings of biblical scriptures.

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