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Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner

Andrei Belyi , Aasya Turgenieff and Margarita Voloschin

148 pp.  
6" x 9"
Illustrations: Black and white

Adonis Press


Published:  June 1990





Reminiscences of Rudolf Steiner includes excerpts from the works of three Russian authors. Because it is a gift of the Russian people to be able to describe so well the soul-configuration of someone else in a particularly pictorial and concrete way, and because these writers knew Rudolf Steiner personally and encountered him frequently, their impressions are especially alive and vivid, offering intimate glimpses into his personality.

Beautifully illustrated with photographs, drawings, and the paintings of Aasya Turgenieff and Margarita Voloschin, this collection offers striking and surprising impressions of Rudolf Steiner.

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