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Free Range Education

How Home Education Works

Terri Dowty

236 pp.  
5 ¼ x 8 ¾

Hawthorn Press




This is an essential handbook for families considering or just beginning home schooling. Free Range Education is full of family stories, burning questions, humor, tips, practical steps, practical advice, and resources (mostly UK).

You are already your child's main educator, and in this invaluable guidebook other home educators show how it can work for you as well. They provide:

-Answer questions concerning how home-schooled children can socialize; money issues; exams; and time off for parents themselves
-Inspiring accounts and stories from graduates of home-schooling - their jobs, training, and lives
-Resources, contacts, networks, and websites
-A friendly overview of the legalities involved in home education (though it deals mostly with UK laws, it will also prove useful to parents in North America and elsewhere).

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