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The Spirit within Us

Evelyn Francis Capel

160 pp.  

Floris Books




Many today find themselves in seemingly impossible situations. How often do we feel a lack of wisdom to make decisions? How often do we feel overwhelmed by life’s experiences? How often do we ask: If only I could be wiser or more courageous in the face of events, people, problems, and decisions? Usually, we must find our strength from within. However, this doesn’t happen quickly or by simply wishing for it. Evelyn Capel insists, however, that each of us does indeed have an inner source of strength—the Christ spirit. By developing an active inner life, the spirit within can be discovered and brought into consciousness. Doing so requires thought and care.

In this inspiring book Capel offers practical and compassionate advice. She considers the rhythm of the day, as well as issues of concentration and meditation, helping the reader cultivate a richer inner life.

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