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The Spiritual Human Being (CW 79)

Rudolf Steiner Introduction by Bernard J. Garber

330 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"



Published:  October 2010


10 lectures, Oslo, November 24 - December 4, 1921 (CW 79)

The lectures in this book cover a wide range of topics, though Rudolf Steiner continually brings the focus back to the importance of "I"-consciousness in relation to the higher worlds. Hence, the title of this English edition: Self-Consciousness. In this sense, the content of these talks in Norway remains valid for today and our world situation, which is even more desperately needs change that is in keeping with spiritual-scientific knowledge.

The need for developing "consciousness of the self as the spiritual essence of the free, individualistic, single-personality human being" is one of Steiner's unique contributions to the evolving history of humankind. This book marks another milestone on that path.


  1. The Reality of Higher Worlds
  2. Paths Leading to a Knowledge of Higher Worlds
  3. The Foundations of Spiritual Science
  4. Man in the Light of Spiritual Science
  5. World Development in the Light of Spiritual Science
  6. Jesus or Christ
  7. The Necessity for a Renewal of Culture
  8. The Relationship of Man with the Cosmos
  9. The Soul Life of Man in Relation to Higher Worlds
  10. The Development of Christian Life in Europe:
    The Mission of the Scandinavian Peoples

This book is a translation of Die Wirklichkeit der höhren Welten ("The Reality of the Higher Worlds"). The book was originally published by Garber Communications (Blauvelt, NY. 1986).

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