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The Heart of the Matter

Discovering the Laws of Living Organisms

Olive Whicher

110 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"

Temple Lodge Press


Published:  September 2015


Based on the pioneering work of Rudolf Steiner and his student George Adams, Olive Whicher introduces a radical new science of living organisms, forms, and processes in this concise, richly illustrated work. If we are to understand the laws of living nature fully, she states, we need to overcome the biased ideas of modern science—ideas that are inadequate to describe the world beyond material forms and forces. We need to broaden our thinking to include the “etheric formative forces” that live in ethereal space, or “counterspace.” Those forces work in plants, for example, by drawing matter upward in contrast to the forces of gravity, which draw downward, and explosive forces, which work upward and outward.

This easily digestible introduction is invaluable to comprehend the living world around us.

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