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Towards Creative Teaching Edition 3 Revised

Notes to an Evolving Curriculum for Steiner Waldorf Class Teachers

Edited by Martyn Rawson and Kevin Avison
Translated by Johanna Collis
May 2013
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  • Publisher
    Floris Books
  • Published
    8th May 2013
  • ISBN 9780863159619
  • Language English
  • Pages 256 pp.

This wonderful resource book for Steiner-Waldorf class teachers offers ideas for planning, shaping and developing lessons for Classes 1 to 8.

Taking the Waldorf curriculum as its basis, and without being restrictive or prescriptive, this book comes out of a teachers' working group and provides helpful suggestions to both class teachers and subject specialists, adding to the richness and imagination of each teacher's own work.

The book is a truly comprehensive overview of all main-lesson and accompanying subjects, offering a wealth of guidance, knowledge and inspiration for Waldorf class teachers.

This revised third edition is published in association with the Steiner Waldorf Schools Fellowship.

This volume is based on and translated from Zuir Unterrichtsgestaltung im 1. Bis 8. Schuljahr am Waldorf-/Rudolf Steiner Schulen (Verlag am Goetheanum, 1996).

C O N T E N T S:


1. Introduction
— What is a curriculum for Waldorf Schools?
— The child’s second seven-year period
— How do we see ourselves and our role as class teachers?

2. Classes 1 to 3: Seven- to Nine-Year-Olds
— Main-lesson content
— The accompanying subject lessons

3. Classes 5 and 5: The Child in the Middle of the Class Teacher Period
— Main-lesson content
— The accompanying subject lessons

4. Classes 6 to 8: The Developing Human Being
— Main-lesson content
— The accompanying subject lessons

5. The Waldorf Curriculum—An Ongoing Research Project
— Colleagueship
— Integrated learning
— Interconnecting aspects of the Waldorf curriculum
— Developmental stages of childhood
— Appropriate practice at different stages
— Current relevance