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Meditations on the Signs of the Zodiac

June 2006
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    16th June 2006
  • ISBN 9780880105521
  • Language English
  • Pages 276 pp.

The sights of our century are on cosmic space. The greatest triumph in cosmic conquest will come when man recognizes that he himself, as a being of body, soul and spirit, is united with the cosmos as an evolving whole.

This book is unique is this field. It presents the spiritual nature of the Zodiac for meditation and relates it to self-knowledge. He who wishes, can thus find his place in the universe and understand the reasonableness of rincarnation. Each incarnation is a new opportunity to adcance a grade in the earth-school. How adcance can be made in each zodiac sign influence is the good news which this book offers.

Meditation on these meditations and practicing the suggestions will be instimably soul-revealing and rewarding. Through such study one can comprehend, with loving understanding and compassion, his fellow men. Much of the misunderstanding between individuals, groups, and nations will disappear when mankind learns to view everything, not from one standpoint only, but from twelve viewpoints.

This book is a tool not only for the serious student of spiritual life, but for every human being in his association with others, be it family life, in work, as a teacher, psychologist, doctor, business man, or any other human relationship. The Right use of these meditation enable one to achieve harmonious wholeness, within oneself and in one's environment. Such an approach to the divine design of the cosmos and man's place in it, awakens wonder, and develops increasing humility and reverence in the presence of the infinitely sublime divinity of the Zodiac.

Imbued with these thoughts and feelings, and knowing that every thought, feeling and deed has an effect upon the whole, one willingly and gladly assumes his responsiblity as a creator in the creative process of the cosmos.

C O N T E N T S:

An Important Statement—You Are More than Your Sun Sign
Introduction—The Divinity of the Zodiac and the Magnitude of Man

Aries—The Ram
Gemini—The Bull
Cancer—The Crab
Leo—The Lion
Virgo—The Virgin
Libra—The Balance
Scorpio—Scorpion and Eagle
Sagittarius—The Archer
Capricorn—The Goat
Aquarius—The Waterman
Pisces—The Fishes
The Zodiac

John Jocelyn

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