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About The Four Skillful Brothers

Rudolf Geiger
Translated by Ruth Pusch
June 1990
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Press
  • Published
    1st June 1990
  • ISBN 9780929979113
  • Language English
  • Pages 28 pp.

Where would a person learn to tell a fairytale in a way that does not simply present a meaning, but also awakes meaning in a child’s heart? This contemplation reveals, in profound depth, a rare view of the storyteller’s art.

Any parent or teacher of young children will benefit immensely by traveling with this master storyteller

Rudolf Geiger

Rudolf Geiger became known for storytelling fairytales at conferences of the European Fairy Tale Society. He has fascinated young and old on many journeys since his retirement. In 1990, he won the Fairy Tale Prize of the "Märchenstiftung Walter Kahn."