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An Optics of Visual Experience

March 2013
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  • Publisher
    Adonis Press
  • Published
    5th March 2013
  • ISBN 9780932776419
  • Language English
  • Pages 232 pp.
  • Size 8" x 8.5"

Physical optics has increasingly removed itself from immediate visual experience, focusing instead on abstract explanatory theories and the measurements of sophisticated instruments. It is fair to say that sensory experience has become the stepchild of our modern scientific worldview.

However, failure to actively engage the phenomena leaves us with an impoverished relationship with the world around us. Acutely aware of the importance of sensory experience for deepening and enlivening our scientific understanding of nature, Georg Maier devoted much of his career as a physicist to studying the visual world. In this groundbreaking book, he guides us toward an experiential understanding of visual phenomena.

C O N T E N T S:

The Seeing Eye
Seeing in Space
Relating Optics to Geometry—a First Step
Mirror Images
Exploring Air, Water and Glass
Light as the Relationship between Appearances
Shadow Images
Practical Optics
Seeing Clearly
Developing Geometrical Principles in Optics (Visual Connections)
Bibliographic Notes

Georg Maier

Georg Maier (1933–2016) directed research into modes of observation and conceptualization of nature at the Forschungslinstitut am Goetheanum in Dornach, Switzerland. Previously, he had been engaged in neutron diffraction research at the Kernforschungsanlage Jülich (KFA) in Germany. Maier coauthored Being on Earth (1996) and The Marriage of Sense and Thought (1997).