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Seeking Spirit Vision

Essays on Developing Imagination

July 2018
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  • Publisher
    Rudolf Steiner College
  • Published
    26th July 2018
  • ISBN 9780945803331
  • Pages 336 pp.
  • Size 6" x 9"

This meditative book by Dennis Klocek provides a new approach to developing the capacities of our souls. Based in anthroposophy, Klocek’s thinking goes beyond what already exists to create a truly unique contribution that can heal the reader in profound ways. Working with the book, as Robert Sardello suggests in the foreword, will “lead to capacities of sustained concentration on and receptivity to the spiritual worlds.”

C O N T E N T S:

Foreword by Robert Sardello, PhD

1. Imagination: Creativity or Innovation?
2. Hypothesis, Apocalypse, Apotheosis
3. The Abstract Predicament
4. The Transformation of Sympathy
5. The Black Madonna and the Mysteries of Dionysos
6. From Image to Vision
7. The Place of the North
8. The World of Imagination
9. From Dowsing to Divining
10. The Development of the Heart Soul: A Modern Path
11. Imagination: The Sacred Door
12. The Great Tree
13. Preparation for Meditation
14. Contemplation
15. The New Yoga
16. The Alchemy of Goethe’s Fairy Tale
17. Seeing the Double

Dennis Klocek

Dennis Klocek is a teacher, researcher, artist, gardener, and alchemist. He graduated with an MFA in 1975 from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art. He then taught for seven years at a community college. In 1982, his love for the work of Rudolf Steiner took him to Rudolf Steiner College in Sacramento, California, where he has been the director of their Consciousness Studies Program (“Goethean Studies”) since 1992. Dennis is engaged in research, teaching, and writing in many fields, including weather, gardening, meditation, the human organism, and self-transformation. He founded the Coros Institute to teach and promote dialogue experiences based on esoteric wisdom. Dennis Klocek’s books include Sacred Agriculture: The Alchemy of Biodynamics (2012); Climate: Soul of the Earth (2010); and The Seer’s Handbook (2005).