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Scoochie Mouse Series

The Adventures of Scoochie Mouse

January 2017
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  • Publisher
    Lindisfarne Books
  • Published
    5th January 2017
  • ISBN 9781584209911
  • Pages 152 pp.
  • Size 7" x 8"
  • Images b/w drawings

Scoochie herself, like all mice, is quiet and careful in her comings and goings, which is all the better for her to see and hear the world around her! And though she may not understand everything she observes in the farmhouse, her senses are keen to detect the most important things in life. And on this particular farm these most important of things are evident in abundance: a deep reverence for the natural world, an abiding kindness toward all creatures, love, and goodness.

The Adventures of Scoochie Mouse follows Scoochie, the farm family, and Scoochie’s gnome and animal friends through the four seasons of the year. Each season includes a short, imaginative "story within the story." 

Theresa Roach Melia

Theresa Roach Melia was a Waldorf kindergarten teacher for many years and has been writing poetry since she was fourteen. The tale of Scoochie Mouse originated as a story for Theresa to tell her beloved daughter Fiona as they walked to school, and the adventures of Scoochie Mouse grew further during rest times in Theresa’s kindergarten class. Theresa lives in Northern California with her sweet man and her cats and dog.