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When the Storm Comes
& A Moment in the Blossom Kingdom

October 2001
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  • Publisher
    Clairview Books
  • Published
    16th October 2001
  • ISBN 9781902636238
  • Language English
  • Pages 160 pp.
  • Size 5.5" x 8.5"

These two short fiction works by Barbro Karlén—best-selling author of And The Wolves Howled—are a remarkable literary and visionary feat.

In When the Storm Comes, the young Barbro writes in parable-like form, with the prophetic gifts and maturity of a seer, foretelling the catastrophic results of mistreating the earth.

A Moment in the Blossom Kingdom is an inspired, imaginative journey into other worlds. Both works provide a glimpse into an exceptionally gifted, visionary child's secret world filled with love and humor.

Barbro Karlén

Barbro Karlén was born in Sweden in 1954. Her first book, published when she was 12, became the bestselling poetry book of all time in Sweden. Over the next 5 years, 9 further volumes of her prose and poetry were published. She worked as a mounted policewoman for 18 years, and has trained and competed in dressage for over 30 years. She keeps a horse in Surrey, England, and visits regularly for training and competitions.