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The Etheric Body

June 1990
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  • Publisher
    Mercury Press
  • Published
    15th June 1990
  • ISBN 9781957569338
  • Language English
  • Pages 24 pp.
  • Size 5.5" x 8.5"

The etheric body is the aspect of our being that brings about growth and development, provides the foundation for mental picturing, and enlivens our thinking activity. Awareness of the etheric can alert a teacher to when the child will be most receptive to learning to read, for example, or to understand the abstractions of arithmetic.

This lecture was given at the Waldorf School Teacher Conference Sacramento, 1986.

Otto Wolff, MD

Dr. Otto Wolff was born in 1921 in Glatz, Silesia (at the time, a region in northeast Germany). He studied biochemistry and medicine and first worked as a hospital physician, then as a general physician and school doctor. Later he worked many years in the pharmaceutical industry to develop new anthroposophic medicines. He wrote numerous publications on anthroposophic medicine, including the standard work: The Anthroposophic Approach to Medicine (three volumes). During his last twenty-five years, Dr. Wolff taught anthroposophic medicine to medical doctors worldwide. He died in Arlesheim, Switzerland, in 2003.