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An Introduction to Eurythmy

Talks Given before Sixteen Eurythmy Performances (CW 277a)

Rudolf Steiner Translated by Gladys Hahn

108 pp.  
5 1/2" x 8 1/2"



Published:  December 1983


The art of eurythmy strives to make the invisible visible in a harmonious and disciplined play of color, form, sound, and motion. During the early years of the twentieth century when eurythmy was young and little known, Rudolf Steiner's introductory talks prepared nearly 300 audiences for their encounters with this wholly new way of presenting drama, poetry, and music through human movement. Full of life and creativity, these talks illuminate the richness underlying the spiritual laws of this new art form.

Sixteen of Steiner's talks have been carefully selected and are presented here as an introduction to the aesthetic, pedagogical, and therapeutic secrets of this developing art.

Cover figure: "Lovable" by Rudolf Steiner.

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