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School as a Journey

The Eight-Year Odyssey of a Waldorf Teacher and His Class

Torin M. Finser

256 pp.  



Published:  October 1995


This is a lively, colorful, and absorbing account of a class teacher's journey with his class, from first grade through the eighth grade in a Waldorf school.

Straightforward and humorous, School as a Journey provides an excellent introduction to the daily activities of a Waldorf school classroom. Torin Finser—who is now Director of Waldorf Teacher Training at Antioch New England Graduate School—wrote this book especially for parents, prospective parents, and educators who are new to Waldorf education.

Filled with pedagogical gems, tips, and resources, School as a Journey will prove an invaluable resource for those who are currently or wish to become Waldorf class teachers. For those who wish to delve more deeply into this revolutionary form of education, the author has included extensive documentation, with references to the works of Rudolf Steiner and of others experienced in Waldorf education.

Highly recommended for anyone interested in this revolutionary form of education.

  • “Torin Finser's School as a Journey is an inspiring account of one teacher's odyssey. Along the way, he reveals the secrets of good education in any setting: effective partnership with parents, a strong sense of collegiality among the staff, and—above all—the presence of dedicated teachers who are motivated by a sincere love and respect for their students.” —Ernest Boyer, President, Carnegie Foundation

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