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Man and the World of Stars

The Spiritual Communion of Mankind (CW 219)

Rudolf Steiner Translated by Dorothy S. Osmond

208 pp.  



Published:  May 1982


12 lectures, Dornach, November–December 1922 (CW 219)

“Let it never be imagined that man’s achievements in culture and civilization on the Earth, however complex and splendid they may be, are at all comparable with the greatness of what is achieved by him together with the Beings of the Higher Hierarchies in order to build this wonder-structure of the human physical organism.” —Rudolf Steiner

The actions of spiritual beings in relation to the rhythm of the course of the year are brought to light in these inspiring lectures, showing how we are challenged to consciously integrate these rhythms into our earthly life. Steiner reveals that the concepts of spiritual science serve as our eyes in the spiritual world after death. He shows that we change the world when we communicate with it out of our spiritual nature, which is the true spiritual communion of humanity.

This volume is a translation of Das Verhältnis der Sternwelt zum Menschen und des Menschen zur Sternwelt. Die geistige Kommunion der Menschheit (GA 219).

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